Rock West Solutions Launches its New APEX, A High-Performance Gamma Detection and Identification System.

APEX is a high-performance gamma detection and identification system comprised of a handheld detector and accompanying analysis software. This device has 5-10x higher resolution than most traditional handheld detectors and is more affordable than comparable products on the market due to the incorporation of commercial-grade CZT crystals. 

APEX captures gamma counts, assembles a full energy spectrum, and interfaces with a Windows laptop running the APEX analysis software. The APEX GUI displays the collected spectrum with user-friendly isotope identification tools. RWS uses commercial-grade CZT crystals with cutting-edge electronics designed to provide an economical, high-performance gamma detection and spectroscopy solution. Gamma resolution as low as 1.25% at 662 keV is achievable. 

The APEX detector is modular, so expanding its CZT array to fit a specific project is easy and affordable. It can even be modified to meet MIL-STDs for shock, vibration, and EMI requirements. End use possibilities include portal or process area monitoring, man or vehicle mounting for first responders, or industrial or waste inspection. A larger gamma detection system measuring even a few square feet is now feasible and relatively low cost using the APEX detector technology. 

RWS has developed proven calibration methods that ensure confidence and accuracy in gamma measurements over wide operating and storage temperature ranges.

Specifications for the APEX detector: 
Energy Resolution: <2.5% at 662 keV (can be optimized for specific applications)
Size: 15.0cm x 10.5cm x 5.5cm
Weight: 12.7 oz
Detector material: CZT
Interface: USB C port allows for power, serial interface, and data storage access
Required for Use: Windows 10, Rock West APEX software 

“We are excited to present the new APEX product because we feel it provides such a game-changing solution to our customers’ problems,” said Don Pritchett, General Manager of Rock West Solutions. “In gamma detection and spectroscopy, resolution matters. Our lightweight and portable APEX detector, combined with our straightforward user interface for the associated laptop, will give first responders, US Government customers, and commercial industry a successful solution to the radiation detection problems they face.”

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