The Civil Guard Incorporates Two Explosive Deactivation Robots aunav.NEO

  • The robots will be assigned to the Civil Guard’s Explosives and NRBC Defense Deactivation Service (SEDEX) and will be used in international peacekeeping missions.
  • The aunav.NEO has been designed and manufactured entirely at the aunav facilities in Binéfar, in the province of Huesca.

The Civil Guard has recently incorporated two units of the aunav.NEO explosives deactivation robot that will be assigned to the NRBC Defense and Explosives Deactivation Service (SEDEX). Manufactured at the aunav facilities in Aragón, the platforms will be used in international peace missions in which members of the Civil Guard participate.

The aunav.NEO is the latest and most advanced development of aunav, a brand specialized in robotic solutions for Defense and Security based in Binéfar, in the province of Huesca. It stands out for being the only one on the market equipped with a variable geometry system, which allows the width of the robot to be increased and reduced during missions to adapt to different operating environments. In addition, it is the lightest and most versatile model in the firm’s catalogue.

Each of the units supplied to the Civil Guard includes a UGV ( Unmanned Ground Vehicle ) platform, an articulated robotic arm, vision and communications modules and the firm’s new portable control unit, the aunav.ROCS, which has significantly reduced its weight and dimensions compared to previous devices. The robot is prepared both for handling suspicious packages and for opening and accessing different types of vehicles.

“We have been working for two decades with the TEDAX of the Civil Guard and we are very proud that they continue to have our products” , said Pablo Vázquez, general director of aunav, who underlined that “the trust of our Bodies and Security Forces It is the best asset that aunav can count on” .

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