A world first: Kromek to Exhibit a New Covid-19 Detector; Handheld Radiation Devices at DSEI, London

Kromek, the biological and radiation detection specialists based in Sedgefield, County Durham, will exhibit their new, standalone Covid-19 detector, KAPScan, at DSEI, at London’s ExCel Centre from 14-17 September 2021. The company will be part of the MakeUK stand (Hall 2, Stand 429).

KAPScan (Kromek Automated Pathogen Scanner) is a standalone, fully autonomous Covid-19 Detection System that uses a targeted assay to sample the air every 30 minutes to confirm whether the disease – in all its potential variants – is present. Eighteen months into the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, this high-speed, highly accurate device offers a revolutionary capability to understand and control the spread of the disease.

KAPScan-AT (Airborne Targeted) can be used indoors or outdoors, in static or mobile capacities and can be run continuously or as required. The device will report either the presence or absence of Covid-19. The speed and accuracy of reporting and localised monitoring enables a detailed understanding of the spread of the virus, and allows mitigating actions to be taken such as targeted testing or decontamination.

Dr Arnab Basu, Kromek’s Chief Executive Officer, said “I am delighted that KAPScan is making its debut at DSEI. It is a device that we designed to help the world get back to as normal a situation as possible despite the ongoing global pandemic.” 

Kromek will also be featuring its latest hand-held radioisotope detection device, the D5 RIID, the smallest, lightest and most accurate wearable detector currently available.

The D5 RIID has been designed to detect the latest radiological hazards and to defeat the CBRN threat. It has an extensive built-in radioisotope library, to accurately identify even the smallest samples and the lowest dose rates. The D5 RIID can fit into the palm of one hand and is intuitive to operate, even while wearing full PPE. Weighing just 660g, it has a >24-hour endurance and has a networked capability to allow results to be transmitted to wherever they are needed in real time.

Craig Duff, Kromek’s CBRN Business Manager, said “We are looking forward to demonstrating our range of handheld radiation detectors to the military CBRN community at DSEI this week.”

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